Create, duplicate or fabricate just about any shape you can think of. Patch panels, rust repair, fresh builds…..whatever it is, the magnetic brake can do it. With 6 tons of downward magnetic force, it is a beast You have the freedom to use the large selection of included stock tooling, or you can create your own tooling. It can bend steel, copper, stainless, flashing, wire…..even plastics!

It looks like they appreciate the versatility and unlimited bending options it provides the fabricators in the shop. Classic box and pan capabilities, radius bending, unlimited box depths along with the option to create your own shapes of tooling. Steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, chromolly, tin flashing, plastics….you name it. If it can be bent, it can be bent on the magneticbrake as long as you stay within its capacity.

Made the center portion of the tank today. Used the mag brake to bend over the same size tubing as the top tube on the bike frame. Pined the flanges I had previously made to it. Decided to plug weld it and the. Full weld the inner edge. Next up will to be the top with a recessed crafty B gas cap and bead detail.

Magnabend offers performance characteristics no conventional bending brake can match. Its unique electromagnetic keeper clamping system eliminates typical interference points common of other machines and allows you to form several complex shapes not previously possible.

Endless possibilities, unlimited box depth, a never ending supply of tooling, 6 tons of downward force with the click of a foot pedal. The first time you use our Magnetic Brake, the hair on your arms will stand up…no joke! Magnetic sheet metal machine is that amazing

It’s all true. It generates a magnetic field that is equivalent to 6 tons of downward force, while its design provides an unlimited box depth. You can also use solid rod or tubing as a bend die to produce just about any radius bend you like

The Magnetic Brakes are available in 4, 6 or 8 feet widths and will change the way you think about sheet metal

The magnetic brake can bend 16ga but the brake it’s easily bending 1/8”. I was quite impressed and I’m sure I could still get a bit more out of it. It’s an awesome machine that really is only held back by the imagination

Sharp 90 degree bends accompanied by radius bending and hems….all on one machine! The Magnetic Brake has changed everything in metal frication.

Simply plug the  Magnetic Brake into 220v single phase power, step on the foot pedal and watch 6 tons of magnetic downward force clamp your material.

Magneticbrake offers an unlimited box depth, in addition to the ability to utilize the and of the machine, unlock conventional box and pan brakes.

The machine that changes lives. The Magnetic Brake is a fun machine that the entire family can enjoy.

The magneticbrake makes easy work of bending weird shapes like this seat back.

These little folders are awesome. If you make trim for metal buildings or metal roofing you need one

The ultimate sheet metal brake!

Loving the freedom gets from the unlimited box depth of new magneticbrake

It’s an awesome machine that really is only held back by the imagination.

Bending up some 16ga tailgates for side by sides/ razors etc.

Both sharp and radius bends are possible on the Magnabend

Metal art made easy with the Magnetic Brake

We have been making small enclosures and radius bends with ease

Endless possibilities pox pan folder.

Battery box done easy with the magneticbrake.

We can make any shape out of sheet metal using its 6 tons of magnetic

Making complex bends is easy once you plan the sequence!

Magbrake also works on Lexan

Magnabend Bending up a couple brackets out of 1/8" material

Making some metal origami with the magneticbrake