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Mangabend folding bar

❚ 1000mm long – slotted

Magnabend Australian brand electromagnetic bending machine, best-selling Europe and the United States for 30 years, professional production.

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Magnabend is a new concept in the field of sheet metal forming. It allows you to make the shape you want more freely. This machine is very different from other traditional bending machines. Note that it has a powerful electromagnet that can clamp the workpiece instead of tightening it by other mechanical means. This feature brings many advantages to the machine.

The bending object is 1.6mm iron plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, coated plate, stainless steel plate (0-1.0mm), especially for products that cannot have indentation. The electromagnetic clamping system is adopted so that there is a clamping force per square centimeter. The bending angle can be folded in any shape, size and angle without touching the tool without interference. It can help you solve the troublesome and expensive problem of traditional bending machine tool changing. It is easy to handle special-shaped products, adopts development design, fully open ports, small footprint, light weight, easy to transport, 220V household electricity is not affected by bending the airport, ordinary people can use it in five minutes.

The bending machine includes pneumatic bending machine and manual bending machine.

Application occasions of bending machine

School items: boxes, tableware

Electronic products: chassis, boxes, racks, marine accessories

Office equipment: shelves, cabinets, computer holders

Food processing: stainless steel sinks and countertops, fume hoods, vats

Luminous logo and metal lettering

Manufacturing industry: samples, production items, mechanical casings

Electrical: switchboards, enclosures, lighting devices

Automobiles: maintenance, minivans, truck agencies, modified cars

Agriculture: machinery, trash cans, stainless steel products and equipment, chicken coops

Construction: sandwich panel, edging, garage door, store decoration

Gardening: factory buildings, glass garden houses, railings

Air conditioning: ventilation ducts, transition pieces, cold storage

Electrician: switch board, shell

Aircraft: panel, support frame, stiffener

The bottom leaf`s bending extension can be removed for the tightest bend dimension between bends of 5/8`. A scaled stroke angle control can be set for repeatable bends time after time. This magnetic box and pan brake comes with product supports and adjustable back gauges for production runs, as well as a simple to use gap adjustments on the standard clamping bars for different sheet metal thicknesses.
To initiate a bend on the JDC BEND simply put a piece of material between the clamping bar to the depth required, hit the foot pedal control that softly clamps the material (this is done for operator safety so fingers are safely out of the machine) allowing for any repositioning, once ready, lifting the leaf arms engages full magnetic power (6 tons) holding the material in place as the leaf arm makes the appropriate bend.One of the biggest advantages of this type of box and pan brake is that the magnetic power of 6 tons is consistent across the entire beam allowing for very crisp bends even in the middle of the machine.
The JDC BEND magnetic box and pan brake is truly a breakthrough from the limits of traditional metal brakes. It is the perfect folding machine for HVAC shops, industrial art shops, and general sheet metal fabrication shops. For further information on this unique sheet metal brake, please contact your Baileigh Industrial representative. This piece of fabrication machinery is typically in stock for quick shipments.

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