Electromagnetic sheet metal bending machines use an electromagnetic

Electromagnetic sheet metal bending machines use an electromagnetic, rather than a mechanical, clamping system. The machine consists of a long electromagnet with a steel clamp bar located above it. The sheet metal is clamped between the two by an electromagnet. Rotating the bending beam then forms the bend. The sheet is bent around the front edge of the clamp-bar.

The combined effect of the magnetic clamping with the special center less hinges means that the electromagnetic sheet metal bending machine is a very compact, space saving, machine with a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

The electromagnetic sheet metal bending machine is a highly versatile sheet metal folding machines used to bend mild steel and aluminum sheet metal. Thickness of up to 1.6 mm thick can be folded across the full length of these machines.

The magnetic clamping system replaces the bulky clamping structure used in conventional folding machines. The small compact clamp bar does not hinder or obstruct the work piece. Automatic electromagnetic clamping and unclamping, means faster operation. These machines have a much greater versatility than conventional sheet metal benders. The machines are ideal for use in the sheet metal industry, air-conditioning and building industries.

An electrical interlock is offered to enhance operator safety. This operation ensures that a safe pre-clamping force must be applied before full-clamping can be engaged.

Adjustable backstops, storage tray and a complete set of short-length clamp-bars are included as standard accessories.

A full 12 month warranty is offered that covers faulty materials and workmanship.
Hand operation
Magnetic clamping
Dual start controls (left & right side)
Adjustable stop for bending angle
Simple manual back gauge
Top tool one piece full length 2590mm
Segmented top tools 25, 40, 50, 70, 140, 280mm

Post time: Jul-12-2023