Ways to Prevent the Common Sheet Metal Bending Brakes Mistakes

Bending brakes are one of the complex machines used in sheet metal bending operations. The machines demand accurate setting of parameters and meticulous operation from the operator’s end. Otherwise, several mistakes may be introduced in sheet metal bending operations which further result in losses. Slight mistakes can lead to product damage, dimensional inaccuracies, material loss, loss of operation time and effort, etc. In extreme conditions, the operators’ safety may be jeopardized due to certain mistakes. Therefore, it essential to avoid bending brakes mistakes. This post discusses common sheet metal bending brakes mistakes and how to avoid bending brakes mistakes.

Common Sheet Metal Bending Brakes Mistakes and Preventive Measures
When it comes to preventing common bending brakes problems, it is essential to identify the mistakes. Mistakes made by operators account for a large part of sheet metal bending brakes problems and solutions to them are only a few preventive measures. Therefore, different mistakes and preventive measures while operating bend brakes are listed below.
Too Tight Bend Radius: Selection of incorrect bend radius is one of the most common operators’ mistakes. Too tight bend radius causes excessive stress on the tool point which results in the broken tool and incorrect dimensions. The bend radius differs according to material specifications, therefore the following measures must be taken to prevent tool and product damage.

Preventive Measures:
Select the bending radius according to material specifications offered by the raw material supplier.
Consider large bend radius for longitudinal bending and smaller radius for transverse bending.
Locating Features Too Close to Bend Radius: Locating the features like holes, cuts, notches, slots, etc too close to bending radius causes feature distortion.
Preventive Measure: To avoid feature distortion, the following preventive measures can be taken.
The distance between the feature and bend line must be minimum thrice the sheet thickness.
If a close distance is required then the feature must be created after forming the bend line.
Selection of Narrow Bending Flange: Opting for narrow bending flange results in tool overloading. This can cause tool damage.
Preventive Measure: To prevent tool damage, the right bending flange length must be selected. The following formula can be used to select the right bending flange length.
Bending flange length= [(4 x stock thickness)+bend radius]
Upset Ram: Over-upset of the ram or bending bed can cause temporary or permanent defection of the machine’s center. This causes an error in bend angle which alters every product of the batch resulting in batch rejection in the longer term.
Preventive Measures: To avoid upsetting the ram, the operator should take the following measures.
Consider troubleshooting sheet metal brake which will include re-machining of the ram to the specific alignment of the machine’s center.
Avoid machine over-loading and utilize calculated tonnage to perform bending operations.
Poor Cleaning and Lubrication: Untidy machines and inadequate lubrication are two of the most repeated yet ignored sheet metal bending brakes mistakes. Keeping the bending brake setups unclean results in trapped metal particles, oil, dust, etc, which can increase jamming between the ram and gibs. Also, poor lubrication increases friction between the moving parts of the setup. Excessive friction results in heat generation, and wear and tear.
Preventive Measures: Frequent cleaning and lubrication are recommended to avoid jamming and frictional wear and tear. For consistent lubrication, automated or semi-automated lubrication systems can be used.
Now that the common sheet metal brake problems and solutions are discussed, it is important to know that not investing in a quality setup can be a huge mistake in sheet metal bending. Therefore, one must invest in a high-quality bending brake set up so that the machine-errors can be prevented and high-quality products can be accomplished. This is why sourcing the setups from trusted suppliers like Woodward-Fab can add value to your production. The company offers high quality Straight Brakes, Box and Pan Bending Brakes, Tennsmith Sheet Metal Brakes and other sheet metal bending equipment.

Post time: Aug-27-2021